Amy and kidsI’m passionate about facilitating open-ended, process-oriented art experiences for children—and for their adults. I also have my own creative pursuits and hobbies, including embroidery, printmaking, and knitting. I finally decided to bring everything together in one place, because it allows me to offer more. If you came to this site via my old Kids in the Studio blog, you will find all of those posts here. If you came here from Salamander Dreams, you can still find most of the older posts on the Blogger site, with some of the most popular tutorials here (soon!), but this site will contain my newer posts going forward.

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A few things about me, so you know me better:

* I have three kids, ages 5, 9, and 12. We live just a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean in southern Rhode Island, and the coast both soothes my soul and provides inspiration.

* I have celiac, which means I’m on a strict gluten-free diet. I really am okay with this, but I’d be really sad if I had to give up dairy. (Or coffee!)

* I’m not on Facebook and have no plans to be, but I tweet quite a bit.

You can also get to know me more by reading about  Why I Homeschool and my Manifesto.

You can contact me at amyhood at amyhoodarts dot com.