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reviews + suchWhat people are saying about Art Together:

“I’ve never made a collage like Amy’s before. She included prompts and a playful format that even a beginner like me could use to grow some new creative vision.” –Jen, Home With Heart, about Issue Four.

“[The zine is] highly readable, thoroughly unintimidating, and full of ideas, tips and suggestions…even if you don’t have young kids, Amy’s zines are wonderful spring boards for your own creativity.”–Karen, I Am Rushmore, reviewing Issue Three

“The two biggest things I’ve gotten from Amy is to focus on art as a process, rather then an end product; and that I can do art too even though I don’t think I have talent for it.” –Jen, iHappyRee, about Issue One

“Amy is all about encouraging families to create art together, to relax and experiment, and to instill in our children (and ourselves) the idea that art is for everyone.”–Michelle, Raising Cajuns, about Issue One

“This week we have spent time with some of the exercises and suggestions made by Amy in Art Together. It has been wonderful to see some of those lightbulb moments that come with not only learning something new, but applying it in new and creative ways.”–Dawn, Simple Things Notebook, about Issue One

“Once again, Amy has taken an art subject that seems intimidating and made it anything but. In her straightforward, approachable way she has come up with activities that are enjoyable for ANY age group.” –Jen, iHappyRee, about Issue Three

“I think these magazines would provide all the inspiration and direction you’d need for planning an art component to your homeschool curriculum, or would be a great supplement to anything you’re already using.” –Renee at FIMBY

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