I’m available to facilitate the following classes and workshops at your after-school program, troop meeting, homeschool co-op, moms’ night out, or other location. Please contact me at amyhood at amyhoodarts dot com to discuss details of scheduling, availability, and pricing.

Stamp-Carving Workshop: Suitable for adults, families, or children ages 10+
In this workshop, participants will be guided through the process of designing their own stamp, transferring the image to the carving material, and actually carving a unique stamp. They’ll learn what sorts of images translate into successful stamps and how to use the carving tools. All materials provided, and participants will go home with at least one carved stamp.

Embroidery Workshop: Suitable for adults or children ages 10+
This versatile textile-based medium can be used by students to interpret their own ideas and designs into art or embroidered embellishments. During a one-time workshop, we’ll learn and practice basic stitches and learn different methods of transfer (eg, iron-on; stabilizer; tracing). Multiple sessions will allow us to look at examples of embroidery as an art form, discuss elements of design as they pertain to choosing a stitched medium, and learn how to approach various materials, from t-shirts to denim.

class photo 1Printmaking Workshops: Suitable for children ages 4+
Printmaking is incredibly fun for all ages, with immediate and magical-seeming results. Depending on ages of participants and time allowed, we can explore monotypes, foam printmaking (either carving into or building up the surface), found object printmaking, or a combination. Materials provided.

Freezer-paper Stenciling: Suitable for adults, families, or children ages 10+
This humble supply from the grocery store can be used to create stencils to personalize fabric items such as t-shirts and tote bags. Participants will get assistance turning their design ideas into a stencil, which will be cut and ironed onto the item before applying textile paint. (Items must dry and be heat set before they’re ready to use.) Once this process is learned, participants will see stencil potential everywhere! Printing materials provided.

Art Together Workshops: for children of all ages, with a caregiver
Art Together is an e-zine designed to encourage and inspire children and adults to explore open-ended, process-oriented art side by side. These workshops, designed for children and adults together, feature activities from the zine. Issue One focuses on color; Issue Two focuses on line; and Issue Three focuses on printmaking. With no worries about tracking down materials or cleaning everything up, adults can relax and enjoy art-making alongside their kids.

Bio: Amy is a homeschooling mother of three with a passion to inspire creativity and confidence in artists of all ages—and she believes we are all artists. This passion has led her to create and publish Art Together, an e-zine full of activities and information designed to encourage children and adults to explore process-oriented art side by side. She’s taught art classes to homeschoolers, sells her work on Etsy, and is the art columnist for Home/School/Life Magazine. Restlessly creative, she knows each of us has a well of creativity within us, whether we’ve discovered it yet or not. She’d love to help you discover yours.