Issue Two: Line

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Art Together Winter 2013: Line (29 pp PDF)

I’m so excited to have the second issue of Art Together: E-Zine ready to share. I’ve spent the fall researching and exploring the life and works of this issue’s Featured Artist, Piet Mondrian, and the element of LINE. To be honest, I had to tear myself away from reading about Mondrian and exploring his artwork, or I’d have never completed anything else in this issue. He’s one of my favorites, and I hope you enjoy learning more about him as well. When I was pondering the focus of this issue, at first I thought LINE couldn’t possibly generate enough ideas. Boy, was I wrong. It’s deceptively simple but oh-so-interesting. As always, I do the explorations right alongside my kids, and I hope you try them, too. We all approach them from where we are, and we all get something out of them, from the five-year-old on up to me.

Art Together Winter 2013: Line at


In this issue:

Types of Line
Artist Spotlight: Piet Mondrian
Featured Material: Drawing Pencils
Activity: Drawing with Tape (click to download as a sample PDF)
Activity: Abstracting to Line
Tip: Understanding Paper (with a quick + dirty guide to choosing paper)
Activity: Same Object, Different Lines
Activity: Wire as Line
Resources: Annotated book lists for line and Piet Mondrian
Eight Drawing Activities/Four Line Adventures

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