Issue Three: Printmaking

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Spring 2014 Cover

Art Together Spring 2014: Printmaking (34 pp PDF)

“I’ve always thought printing a miracle, the kind of miracle by which a grain of wheat becomes an ear. An everyday miracle — all the greater because it’s everyday. One sows a single drawing on the stone or in the etching plate and one reaps a multitude.” —Vincent van Gogh, in a letter to his brother Theo

I agree with van Gogh—printmaking feels miraculous. Every time I play with it, it gives me a thrill, and I love sharing printmaking techniques with others because this thrill is almost universal. I am extremely excited to share this issue with you.

Art Together Issue Three: Printmaking at

Raid your recycling bin for objects with interesting textures. Take a print of a collage. Make a printmaking plate using a common kitchen item. Use humble Styrofoam to carve your own design. We’ve been having so much fun with the printmaking activities in this issue. And we spent quite a while reading about this issue’s featured artist, Hokusai, and looking at his works. He created 30,000 pieces of art in his lifetime! (Obviously we didn’t look at them all.)

In this issue:

What is Printmaking?
Artist Spotlight: Hokusai (click to download as a sample PDF)
Featured Materials: Supplies for This Issue
Activity: Found Object Prints
Activity: Scratch Foam Prints (click to download as a sample PDF)
Activity: Collagraphs
Activity: Making the Gelatin Plate
Activity: Gelatin Plate Printmaking
Resources: Books and Online Resources for Hokusai and Printmaking
(Including a list of picture books illustrated with printmaking techniques)
Bonus Activity: Super Easy Stamps

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