Issue One: Color

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Art Together Autumn 2013: Color (27 pp PDF)

Welcome to the first issue of Art Together: E-Zine, a quarterly publication that has existed solely in my mind for far too long now. I’m excited that it finally is a Real Thing, so I can share it with you. I hope to inspire confidence in artists of all ages, and I do believe we are all artists in some way. Each issue will have a different focus—perhaps a technique, or a principle of design (as with this issue, COLOR)—along with information and activities supporting that focus. Hopefully you find something within these pages that speaks to you or your child. My dearest hope is that children and adults together will explore and play with art, with no expectations of the finished product in mind. Experiment! See where it takes you. Play together. Exchange ideas. My brand of art is free and loose, playful and fun. I hope you enjoy it.

In this Issue:

The Color Wheel (click to download as a sample PDF)
Artist Spotlight: Vincent van Gogh
Featured Material: Acrylic Paint
Activity: Color Mixing
Activity: Black Outlines, Painted Color
Tip: Setting Up a Still Life
Activity: Painting with Color Schemes
Resources: Annotated book lists for color and Vincent van Gogh
Idea Cards

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Descriptions of all issues can be found via the main Art Together page.

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