{Art Together}

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{Art Together} is an e-zine designed to inspire confidence in adults to explore open-ended art-making alongside children. Comprehensive enough to be used as a homeschool art curriculum, each issue is full of activities, information, a featured artist and material, and friendly encouragement about how fun (and yes, easy!) it is for adults and kids to play with art materials together. Click on each issue’s link for more detailed information on its contents and how to purchase. Scroll to the end of this page for links to the posts in the {Art Together} series.

Links to reviews can be found here.

Curious and undecided? Check out these free downloads (PDF links) from issues of Art Together to get a feel for what the zine has to offer:

The Color Wheel from Issue One: Color
Drawing With Tape from Issue Two: Line
Artist Spotlight: Hokusai from Issue Three: Printmaking
Scratch Foam Prints from Issue Three: Printmaking
Make A Collage Book from Issue Four: Mixed Media/Collage
Drawing With Scissors from Issue Five: Shape + Space

Questions? Email me at amyhood at amyhoodarts dot com.

Issues of the e-zine available for purchase–links will take you to each issue’s sales page powered by payhip.

Winter 2015 Cover



Issue Six: Math + Art
Winter 2015






Art Together Issue Five: Shape + Space at amyhoodarts.com

27 pp, $4

Issue Five: Shape + Space
Autumn 2014











Art Together Issue Four at amyhoodarts.com

33 pp, $4

Spring 2014 Cover

34 pp, $4

Art Together Issue Two: Line at amyhoodarts.com

29pp, $4

Art Together Issue One: Color at amyhoodarts.com

27 pp, $4


Issue Four: Mixed Media/Collage
Summer 2014











Issue Three: Printmaking
Spring 2014











Issue Two: Line
Winter 2013











Issue One: Color
Autumn 2013












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