I began this site several years ago as a central place for both discussing my own and my children’s artmaking and for selling. The past two years have been difficult though, for both my own personal time and schedule (so. much. driving kids around) and for my creativity in the face of what’s going on in America. It became so hard to express anything but rage that I stopped coming here, to this place that was supposed to be focused on just a few things. I thought about giving up this place altogether.

I decided to keep it, but change it. You’ll still find archives full of ideas for making art alongside children, my own adventures in sewing, knitting, and other crafty pursuits, and my own art-making, independent of what I do with or alongside children (my own or other people’s). Going forward, though, I’m letting myself write about whatever I want. I have no idea if anyone will see it. It doesn’t matter. This is my clean, well-lighted place, which I sorely need.