amyhoodarts.comLike most people, my online presence has evolved, and you’ll find evidence of that at this site. It includes many ideas for making art alongside children. My adventures in sewing, knitting, and other crafty pursuits are often documented here. Most recently, I’m sharing my own art-making, independent of what I do with or alongside children (my own or other people’s).

I enjoy carving stamps and linocuts, printmaking in general, watercolor, and drawing, but lately I’ve been immersed in fabric as my main medium. It’s so versatile—I can incorporate drawing with thread, appliqué, hand stitching, painting, and printmaking. It allows me to really let my creativity loose in a way I haven’t found using other materials. I make art because it makes me happy. Sometimes I’m exploring textures and patterns, sometimes I’m working more illustratively, but always, my main motivation is to alchemize my own creativity into something tangible, which I hope brings joy to others. It is truly that simple.

I hope you have time to check out my Gallery page, which I will add to periodically. And you can reach me with any questions at amyhood at amyhoodarts dot com.