First Quilt of 2019

Front of quilt. The small triangles in the border are the scraps that are generated when sewing Flying Geese blocks.

I made quilts last year too! I just never put them here. This quilt began as a bundle of flannel from Domesticity, destined to be a quilt, which sat in my fabric cabinet all summer while I one, avoided it because it was hot, and two, let it decide what sort of quilt it wanted to be. I decided the flannel wanted to be something traditional, so in December, when my schedule finally opened up a bit, I began sewing loads of Flying Geese. (I documented all of this step by step over on Instagram.) Realizing I didn’t have enough Flying Geese blocks from the bundle to create the size quilt I wanted — long enough to cover my husband’s toes when he lay on the couch — I bought some more and began playing with layouts. Once the quilt top was done, I realized it really wanted to be hand quilted. I used 12wt Sulky thread and a Tulip embroidery needle, and even that ended up acquiring a slight bend. The whole process of this quilt, from start to finish, was a joy.

Back of quilt, with some piecing. The oddball stripe is a scrap from a robe I made myself in December, next to the grey flannel I used for my son’s robe.