What I Mean When I Say I’m Running

I’m running. I never found a therapist here, but I ran four miles today. I’m clearing my head. I’m going up a bunch of hills to prove I can. I’m heading to the (flat) bike path to see how fast I can run the last mile. I’m meditating. I’m grateful for this body that works (remember when I could barely walk due to Lyme pain?) so I’m going to go move it. I’m working something out. I’m working towards a goal but I haven’t shared it yet. My head is too full. I’m angry and I’m going to leave it on the road. I’m looking forward to feeling my muscles ache in that good, post-hard-workout way later. I’m feeling shitty. I need to get out of here so I want to come back. My legs feel full of pent up energy. I’m running.