Sewn: Worry Cat

worry cat

A couple of months ago, I saw a “Worry Eater” stuffed monster in a catalog. The idea is for kids to write down their worries and “feed” it to the monster so it can digest them while the child can get to sleep. I liked the idea, but also thought I could make one myself. I asked my son (who has anxiety) if he wanted to draw his own monster to be turned into a worry eater. He thought maybe but then didn’t, and anyway, he’s doing well with managing his anxiety, for the most part. In the meantime, the inspiration, which I’d clipped from the catalog, remained taped to the wall of my work area, and I realized I really wanted to make one for my daughter.

The past year hasn’t been the easiest on her. We moved, and her new school was so very different from her old school, with a different culture and different rules that seemed to leave her compressed and anxious and smaller than she was a year ago. She’s got more worries, and more thoughts that make her feel bad. I started sketching ideas and ultimately came up with Worry Cat. She (my daughter informs me this cat is a she) is my first attempt and a little odd in places. I used knit fabric for cuddly-ness, but it does pose a challenge, especially with inserting a zip. Worry Cat doesn’t need to be perfect, though, because nobody is perfect. My daughter has permission to get out of bed to get pencil and paper and write down any plaguing thoughts. In the morning I can take them and tuck them into a box for safekeeping, leaving Worry Cat’s pocket ready to take on more negative thoughts.

Worry Cat isn’t a substitution for professional guidance, if necessary, and isn’t meant to suggest that one stuffed animal can solve a child’s anxiety. It’s another tool in our toolbox though. And instead of being ordered from a catalog, this one was thought out and sewn by Mama, with love and hope for a happier girl through the whole process. That makes it all the more special.

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