Art Quiltlet: 26/52

This week marks the halfway point of 2016. It’s been kind of a brutal year for the world so far, hasn’t it? I’m afraid it’s going to get worse, too. This week’s quiltlet has nothing to do with current events, though. I enrolled in Stitch and Slash on Craftsy to get more ideas on manipulating fabric, and this quiltlet is a portion of the larger practice piece.

Doors art quiltlet at

I went for a secondary color scheme and threw in some satiny fabric just to make it interesting. I had to buy a new, sharper seam ripper, and that made things a bit easier, but it’s still more uneven than I’d like–I don’t mind the fraying edges, but I had very little control over my ability to keep the edge straight and more or less the same width. I’m sure it just takes practice.

The challenge, of course, is to use this technique to create something that reflects my own aesthetic, and not the instructor’s. Now that I’ve learned the technique, I plan to play with it some more to make it my own. I’m not interested in re-creating someone else’s vision; never much have been.

I forgot to take a picture of the larger fabric before I cut this bit out. So here it is, missing a piece.

stitch and slash fabric

This is the first Craftsy class I’ve purchased and taken. At $20, it was about the cost of a book, I’ve learned the technique, and I don’t have a book clogging my already overburdened shelves. I watched the parts that I wanted–I haven’t watched the bits on turning the fabric into a pillow because I don’t feel the need to make a “thing” when learning a new technique; process for process’s sake is fine with me. It worked out well for satisfying the urge to experiment with something different.

2 thoughts on “Art Quiltlet: 26/52

  1. Dawn

    The comment about current events is interesting because I see doors and I see a focus from big (the wide world) to small (on family and friends) which can sometimes happen when big, overwhelming events happen.
    I know you did not plan it that way but it is just what struck me.

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