Art Quiltlets: 15/52 and 16/52

I’m not behind on making these, just behind on posting. I finished last week’s on Thursday night and spent Friday chaperoning a field trip that went 3 hours later than planned. Fun times! And this week I’ve been busy sewing other things (more on that in the next post probably). Anyway, last week’s is because I’m still missing the ocean.

art quiltlet at

I was trying to figure out for myself how to sew improv curves. I didn’t quite achieve it, so I looked to the internets for guidance and came across this tutorial, which happens to be by someone who is in the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild! Last meeting she did a fun presentation on color. So after reading that through, I did much better with curves:

improv pieced curves at

But…there is more to be experimented with there. I sliced it diagonally and sewed in a red strip. Than I quilted the black and white stripes. This is what it looked like after drawing the crop lines but before cutting it.

ready to crop, art quiltlet in process at

So, just to reiterate, that red stripe isn’t sewn on top of the black and white curves. I pieced that in and it looks great! I love practicing new things.

Here’s the final quiltlet:

Movement, art quiltlet at

*cough* Black fabric gets linty. I really like this though, and it’s going in the mental file of “things I may want to try on a much larger scale.”

As I said, I’ve been doing a lot of sewing this week, to the point where it got a bit rote. Taking the time to play for these little pieces is so important. It keeps those creative ideas flowing. And they really are the perfect size to try out new techniques too.

One thought on “Art Quiltlets: 15/52 and 16/52

  1. Donna Lee

    I really like the stripey pieces. They are interesting to look at and pleasing to the eye.

    btw, we are heading down to MDSW on Saturday.

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