Sewn: Baby Quilt Number 2

When one of my husband’s colleagues is expecting a baby, I make something. For a long while, I knit. Sweaters and blankets, mainly. Then last fall I made my first quilt to send up to one of his co-workers at his previous job. That was pretty fun to make, so I decided to make another one for the latest expecting co-worker. I have to say, if you work with my husband, even peripherally (he knows lots of people worldwide; I’ve knit for some of them, too), it’s kind of a nice bonus that his wife is crafty.

I mean, look at this quilt.

HST baby quilt, front,

This is composed of 100 half-square triangle blocks. I kind of love the HST, mainly because arranging them reminds me of playing with pattern blocks. I didn’t consult a pattern for this, although I’m sure one must exist, since this is fairly basic. Rather, I got out graph paper and fiddled with various possibilities and decided upon this one. I aimed for roughly 40″ square, which meant ten four-inch blocks across and down. (Math is handy stuff.) I sewed this in February, and in-progress photos are on Instagram; I fell in love with it a little more each step of the way.

The piece of fabric I bought for the back should have been big enough, but was just shy. So I made some more HSTs and inserted them.

HST baby quilt, back, at

Those are pink and green elephants in the main fabric. A little more juvenile than the front, but it is a baby quilt, after all. Oh, that selvedge quiltlet I posted a couple of weeks ago–those are from this project.

It’s high time I made a quilt to stay in this house, I think. I’m working on a sampler block quilt that I still haven’t posted yet. And I think I need to make one for my daughter. Safe to say I’m well on my way to falling right down the quilting rabbit hole.

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