Art Quiltlet: 11/52

black & white art quiltlet at

Black and white this week. Simple, enjoyable, engaging to make. Like sketching with fabric, trying out ideas of composition. I labeled this one “Black and White I” because I’m sure I’ll be doing more with just these two colors. Reducing to just shape and line, no distraction of color–I like to do that.

Here’s a view of the back along with the scraps I cut off when cropping. The scraps are interesting to look at in their own way.

quiltlet back and cropping scraps,

The past several weeks, the quiltlet sewing has been pushed to later in the week. This week I felt the need to play first thing Monday.

I’ve been sewing almost every day lately. I remember when I first got my machine, how every time I sat down at it, it was a crapshoot on whether things would work the way they should. I don’t even mean not making mistakes sewing, I mean whether the thread would jam or the bobbin would behave. It was stressful; I didn’t feel comfortable with the machinery itself. And then after a while I did, and if something went awry, I was confident I could adjust it.

The same thing has happened with free motion stitching. I’ve pushed through that period when I wasn’t sure anything would go as it should. Yesterday I realized I switched from regular stitching to free motion almost seamlessly. I switched the feet, adjusted the tensions, dropped the feed dogs and released the IDT–all the things I need to do to set up the machine–and I sat down and stitched free motion without a hitch. It’s so good to tackle those learning curves, stick with it, and get to the other side, where my mind isn’t constantly occupied with the mechanics of the skill but is gradually freed up to think more about what to do with the skill. It’s very cool to keep learning new things.