Art Quiltlet: 5/52

Art quiltlet,

This one is inspired by Matisse and his cutouts. My kids and I really studied Matisse while putting together Issue Five of Art Together, and I enjoy him so much. (You can sample a free excerpt of Issue Five, Drawing With Scissors, for ideas on exploring his cut-outs with kids.) One of the waiting rooms in which I spend time has a print of one of the cut-outs, and I decided to try a small one.

Unlike Matisse, I didn’t just take scissors and begin cutting; I drew my shape on paper and traced it onto fusible adhesive. I tried out a few pairings of complementary colors before settling on this one, and I matched thread to fabric so that the focus is on the shape with no distractions from contrasting thread. I decided to bind it for a finished look. I was undecided on quilting within the orange section and ended up leaving it. I’m still undecided.

I’m having so much fun with this little project. It’s good to have an assignment: every week, something must be done on a 6″ x 8″ “canvas.” And I’m enjoying using this medium of cloth and thread and seeing what I can do with it. It’s exciting.

2 thoughts on “Art Quiltlet: 5/52

  1. Carolyn

    Amy, I’m loving your little quiltlets! When I first looked at this one, I thought that you had pleated the background fabric. Are you using a single fold or double fold binding? If you’re using the double fold, you might want to try a single fold to reduce bulk. Here are two good tutorials. and The first is from Jo Morton, I love her work. I’ve been back in my sewing room working on a small Jo Morton quilt and I’ve started crocheting an afghan…baby steps back into my former life. I’ll never be as productive as I was, but I hope to find the joy in creating again. It’s time!

    1. amy Post author

      I’m using single fold but it’s definitely trickier on the tinier ones. Thank you for the links though! I have the jaybird quilts “perfect binding tutorial” bookmarked. Jo Morton is new to me though so I look forward to exploring. I’m glad to see you’re doing a bit here and there. It’s a hard thing to lose.

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