Knit: Momoka

This was intended as a surprise Christmas gift for my daughter, who began ballet lessons this past fall. But I wrapped it up and gave it to her without sleeves, because the pattern was absolutely eating yarn and I had to order another ball and I wasn’t sure I’d get the same dye lot (I did, thank you, Jimmy Beans Wool!), so just in case I’d have alternated balls on the sleeves. But it’s just as well, because it was much easier to knit the sleeves with periodic tryings-on to check them. Anyway, let me back up a minute. The pattern is Momoka, and it’s knit in Classic Elite Song (in Ballerina, of course), and here it is, on the girl. (Ravelry notes here.)

Momoka ballet sweater at

Front view

Momoka ballet sweater at

Back view

I admit to some frustration with this pattern, which was written in a bit of a wordy way and didn’t give an accurate estimate of how much yarn to buy (I bought more than listed, was on gauge, and still needed to get another skein). I changed the sleeve decreases too, from every 7th round to every 4th, so my girl didn’t look like she had wings. I’m glad I have the know-how to adjust patterns when necessary but more and more often I find I need to do that with a pattern I’ve purchased, and it annoys me every time, because if I’m buying a pattern, it’s because I didn’t want to have to think much about what I’m doing. I have the ability to create a sweater pattern, but I just wanted to knit one. Ah well. It’s done now and she’s happy with it, even if she’s only wearing it to class, not in class, because she’s a warm-blooded girl.

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  1. donna lee

    I get frustrated with patterns that I pay for and then have to figure out parts. I don’t mind that so much in a free pattern but not one I have plunked down cold hard cash for.

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