Art Quiltlet: 2/52

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One day last week my neighbor called to say her son had been placed on the school bus by accident; could I possibly get him until she was home in a half hour? Of course! It’s not the first time I’ve had him over during a gap, and this time she came over with flowers, telling me how grateful she was that she knew she could call me and it would be okay. Flowers were totally unnecessary, but so cheery and welcome on my table. I also used them for this week’s challenge quilt, in which I practiced drawing with thread.

flowers and finished quiltlet at

Finished quiltlet and inspiration.

I used natural muslin and black thread, because I wanted to emphasize the line. But when I was done, I decided to add a little color with colored pencils–I looked for crayons, but for all the many art supplies I have, I couldn’t find new, sharp crayons. This piece took far less time than last week’s, but I will probably return to this technique many times this year, as I’d like to get more confident with it.

Here’s a close-up:

finished quiltlet 2/52 at

I definitely need more practice!

2 thoughts on “Art Quiltlet: 2/52

  1. donna lee

    It is a little rough looking but I like it that way. It’s charming and beautiful. I’ve never done quilting like that. I admire your willingness to try new things.

    1. amy Post author

      The book that inspired me (which is back at the library and I can’t remember the title offhand as it was months ago) suggested not even cutting the threads as you move the needle from place to place. It’s really more sketching with thread, and the rough look is part of it. Just like a pencil sketch!

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