Art Quiltlet: 1/52

1/52 art quiltlet at

Inspired by The Uncommon Quilter, I’m going to attempt one art quiltlet per week. I’ve chosen 6×8 inches and a whole cloth base (versus pieced), but anything else goes. It’s a small canvas on which to improve skills, play with ideas, or just plain play. It’s okay if the result isn’t great; I’ll make another one the following week. As we approached Christmas I was getting a bit frustrated at the way my time was disappearing into…what? The least I can do is set aside a few hours a week to let my creative self play.

This week I gathered together some green scraps for a study in green. While it’s much more green down here than I’m used to for January–there are even flowers blooming–it’s actually fairly frigid today, and I decided to counteract that with some leaves. I used fusible adhesive for the appliqued pieces and wasn’t quite brave enough to try free-motion quilting over them. (I’ll work on that! The year is young.) I appliqued only on the top layer but I think maybe I could have gone through all three. It would be a different look, anyway. I decided to bind it with a bright green piece of (slippery) ribbon I found in my ribbon bag simply because I liked how the colors spoke to each other. I would not bind an entire big quilt with slippery ribbon. Good to know!

One of the suggestions in The Uncommon QuilterΒ is to cut a template for the size you’re aiming for and work just a little bit bigger. The template is, in my case, a 6×8″ window in a piece of cardboard. This is what the piece looked like when I was finished appliqueing and hadn’t cut it down to size. The template allows you to tilt and crop a bit, improving the composition.

in progress art quiltlet at

The white borders are my cutting lines. Color is truer in the first photo; this one was taken in artificial light.

Pretty neat how it changes, isn’t it?

I have not, historically, been good at keeping up with challenges to do something daily. Perhaps I can manage weekly more often than not. And as a side benefit, I’ll be posting every time I make one, so this space will be a little more active. My expectation, too, is that by working creative muscles and stretching with different techniques I’ll be a much more confident art quilter this time next year. We’ll see.

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  1. donnalee

    I like the study in greens. It’s odd how tilting the final piece just a bit changes the way the whole thing comes together. I haven’t quilted anything for a long while but now that I have a grandbaby on the way, I can see myself thinking of a crib sized quilt.

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