Knit: Arden Mitts

Arden mitts at

One of my new friends here in Annapolis, who also happens to be an artist, admired some knitting of mine and proposed a barter, pottery for knitting. I’ve never knit for money, but a barter sounded like a great idea. (Why won’t I knit for money? Because when you add up the cost of supplies and my time, I’d need to price it higher than most people would want to pay.) We talked about possible knits, and she decided upon fingerless mitts with long cuffs, to go with a three-quarter-sleeve coat she owns. After looking at several patterns and yarn possibilities, here’s the result–which she is modeling in the pottery studio, where I dropped them off to her. (She expressed concern about the state of her fingernails in this photo. However, those are hands that make. We love those kinds of hands, right?)


Pattern: Arden, knit pretty much as written.

Yarn: Madelintosh Tosh Vintage, colorway Red Phoenix, close to two skeins.

Needles: US 7.

This was a pay-attention sort of knit, just because of the cabling. But not overall difficult, and the result is gorgeous.