Sewn: Baby Quilt

pile of nine patch blocks at

A friend of my husband’s is expecting his first child later this year. Normally I knit for the babies, but this time I decided I wanted to sew. In particular, I wanted to sew a quilt. So I ordered a fat quarter bundle and yardage of one of the prints to use as backing and got to work. I posted process shots on Instagram; I guess this took a month or so of intermittent work? The precise work in the beginning was enjoyable in its own way. To start with, I cut 81 squares and turned them into nine nine-patch blocks (above). I made sure each nine patch had the same center and none of them repeated fabrics. Then, I cut each nine patch block into quarters and arranged them into the quilt top. I sewed them all together and added a border of the backing fabric to expand it to roughly 36″ square.

quilt top at

It remained a quilt top for a bit while life got busy with an injured child, but eventually I returned to it and began quilting.

quilting at

I decided on straightforward straight lines, 1/4″ away on either side from the seam lines between the main blocks. Although I’d originally thought I’d use the backing fabric for binding, once I used it as a border, I didn’t want to. So I alternated strips of the same cloud pattern but in the other two colors, orange and green. I machine sewed the binding to the front, but hand sewed it to the back, which is the neatest way to do it. I enjoy hand sewing at times. It has the benefit of being portable, so this even got worked on at my daughter’s soccer practice.

sewing on the binding at

Once it was complete, I threw it in the washer and dryer. I’m not the only one who holds her breath during the first washing, am I? I know I sew well. There’s just something about that first run through that has my heart in my throat a little. I want to be able to confidently tell the new mom and dad that they can use this quilt, and it can get washed warm and dried in the dryer with no problems at all. Which I now know is absolutely true.

Ta-da! The finished quilt.

finished baby quilt at

My boys, ever encouraging of Things I Make, said, “Aw, if I were a baby I’d want to sleep with that,” and, “I like all the overlapping colors.” My husband (who approved the fabric choices, since it’s his friend after all) thinks the clouds are very calm looking. I used a thin (is that the correct term?) batting, so this isn’t a squishy quilt, but I think it’s perfect for laying out on the floor so baby has a clean place to hang out and, later, play. It’s small enough to be portable but big enough to be used as an extra blanket on a big-boy bed. Yay for my first quilt! Now I want to make more.

5 thoughts on “Sewn: Baby Quilt

  1. Dawn Suzette

    It turned out wonderful, Amy!
    I love the fabric, and those clouds, love them!
    The new parents (and baby) will be delighted!

  2. carolyn

    I’ve fallen far behind in my blog reading and just now had a moment to check in on you. I hope N has healed completely and is off the crutches. Grace was on them at about the same age, but she loved the attention and privilege that came with them. Different strokes. It seems as if you’ve found a nice community in your new home, I’m happy for that and for you, it’s a lovely area. Thinking of you…

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