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This is the second little art quilt I made in the past several weeks, although I was working on both at once for a while, going back and forth. Oh, how I miss towhees. They’re not flashy, like warblers, but I love their song so much, a cheerful “drink your tea!!” rolling out from the scrubby. I realized this past winter that they stayed all winter. I don’t know if that was new or if I hadn’t noticed before. I’d usually see them on the ground near the bird feeder, and hear them singing from the trees in the spring and summer. The first day each year that I heard the towhee singing was a celebration, a sign we’d come to the end of another New England winter. That bird’s song always made me stop and smile.

Our new neighborhood is more neighborhood-y. That’s what we were looking for, for many reasons, and the kids are definitely happier, but I miss the birds. We have your typical backyard birds here, and I mainly hear mockingbirds, incessantly repeating their phrases–which, to be fair, is what I get inside the house all day long. I miss the towhees and all the other nature that surrounded us in our woodsy corner of Rhode Island. So I decided to create a towhee out of cloth collage.

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First I sketched the bird until I had a drawing I felt I could work with, and then I isolated different sections by the bird’s coloring. I searched my fabric stash–although I did end up buying new fat quarters for the branch, the letters (just because I really liked that fabric), and the rufous portion of the bird, as I didn’t have the just-right orangey red color. Then I traced the individual sections onto fusible adhesive, positioned them on the fabric pieces, and cut them out. Then I more or less assembled the bird puzzle onto a piece of light blue linen. I did the same for the lettering and sewed it all down.

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I decided it was time to get comfortable with free motion quilting, so I made some sandwiches and got to it. Again, this is not perfect. You can see some pulling in places. But I DID IT! I used the same fabric for the binding as I used for the letters.

Here’s a picture of the back, because I’m quite proud I got the tension right on both sides for this.

back of quiltlet,

This one is about 13 x 15.5″ and was a blast to put together. I plan to add two hanging loops to the top, thread it over a slim branch, and hang it that way.

Again, books I used for techniques and inspiration:

Reverse Appliqué With No Brakez by Jan Mullen
Art Quilts at Play by Jane Davilá and Elin Waterston
Fresh Quilting by Malka Dubrawsky
Stitch Draw by Rosie James

And now I just need to decide–what’s next?

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