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When I thought about 2015 last December, in terms of choosing a word to encapsulate the year ahead, I immediately thought Adventure. So much of how we experience life depends upon how we frame it. I knew this year would involve selling a house, packing it up, and moving out of state. Was I going to treat that as a trial to be slogged through? No. It’s an adventure. I made myself a word charm necklace as a reminder, and I’ve been wearing it a lot lately.

So much is going on this month that I’m struggling to even write about it. To say the schedule is hectic right now doesn’t even begin to describe my days and nights, or my husband’s. In the past two days I’ve napped in a waiting room once and the car (while various kids were in activities) twice. (Moms do what we have to do, you know?) But my overall feeling, along with excitement, is gratitude. My husband and I are handling all the various things coming our way as a team, and it’s good. We’re also reminding each other to do the things that keep us balanced–bike rides for him, runs for me. I’m grateful for running and the way it takes me out of my head and into my body. More than once I’ve been stressed about something related to selling this house (by far the most stressful part of this entire enterprise), and I left it on the road, coming back with my perspective restored. I am moving through these hectic days, not always with quiet and calm, but fairly capably and with huge amounts of positive attitude. This is a great adventure, and I’m excited to get down there.

Yesterday my kids and I all had ophthalmology appointments. These were originally scheduled for later in the month, after our move date, and they were able to reschedule on short notice and still get us all on the same day, although with two appointments in the morning and two in the afternoon. Since the office is 45 minutes from home, we packed a lunch and had a picnic in between, as well as updating my son’s glasses and going to the library and post office. It was a long day. We left the house at 8:15 and had been in the car but ten minutes when my middle child told my youngest, “There’s a spider directly above your head.”

Oldest child: “Wow, it’s huge, too.”

Youngest child: *Hysterical screams and cries.*

Me: “Thanks a lot, boys.”

You just have to laugh. They tracked that spider until it disappeared somewhere under my seat, while I maneuvered through rush-hour highway traffic, determined not to be distracted when I was notified it was right above you, Mama! It’s on your seatbelt! It’s legs are so spindly! Middle child felt it was a poisonous spider in disguise, which led Eldest child and I to muse on a spider in a trench coat and hat (and four pairs of sunglasses, as he pointed out). Adventure. Seriously, it’s everywhere, if you care to frame it as such, and I do.

2 thoughts on “Adventuring

  1. suburbancorrespondent

    Kudos for not driving off the road and into a tree, as I might have done. When is your moving date? I was lucky, in that the day we moved back down here, I only had to drive 3 1/2 hours to my parents’ house in NJ, where I collapsed on an old futon and passed out, while Larry got the kids out of the cars and into their sleeping bags. I had been up since 5 AM that day and had NOT STOPPED MOVING until I sat down in the van to drive at, oh, 7 PM or so. So, the lesson here is, stay in a hotel and start the drive fresh the next day. You’ll be glad you did.

  2. carolyn

    This too shall pass…you’ll be settled into your new home, looking fondly back on the craziness and meeting new spiders. Okay, hopefully not that last one. The highlight in your post for me was that you two are working as a team. That’s a wonderful thing, especially in a time of so much stress. Our kids were about the same ages as yours when we made the move back to NJ from NY and suddenly it’s 15 years later and they’re all out of the house. Enjoy this adventure!

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