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“Mama,” said my middle child last winter, “can I have mittens striped like candy canes?”

“Sure,” says I, and I began to knit. He didn’t like the striping. There was no talking about it, and so I quit knitting the mittens.

This fall: Lather, rinse, repeat. “I don’t knit for tyrants,” I told him. After a while–and some other, non-tyrant-related knitting–I told him I’d happily knit him solid mittens, but I wasn’t fooling with all those loose ends from striping. But he wanted red and white striped mittens. And then I signed up to offer an after-school program and enlisted him as a helper and offered to pay him in knits–specifically, striped mittens, even though they’re a big pain with all those ends to weave in. The class began January 5 and was slated to end February 9 after five sessions; however, we’ve only managed two because school keeps getting cancelled on Mondays due to snow. It didn’t seem fair to make him wait for the mittens though, so there they are, with all those annoying ends woven in and everything.

He loves them.

And thus ends a rather quick post. What else to say? February sucks my soul. Snow, grey days, snow, shoveling, cold, snow. Why haven’t we moved yet? Why, indeed. I tell myself that all the many annoyances would feel less so if it weren’t February, cold, and snowy. I try to hold my tongue and keep perspective. What seems overwhelming in February is merely a trifle in July. July will come.

2 thoughts on “Candy Cane Mittens

  1. donna lee

    I love those mittens. I made a striped sweater for a baby and got sick to death of all the ends so I put it away. One day it may get sleeves but it’s not looking good.

    I have been thinking about you with all the snow this winter. I like snow but I don’t like all the grey, either. I like it when it snows and then the sun comes out and the world is unbearably bright. This year it has been grey for too long. I realized this morning that I am longing for spring (which does not happen too often to me). I am tired of being cold and bundling up.

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