Just Knitting

It’s November in New England and all I want to do is knit.

pile of knitting

To that end, I have added three pairs of Evangeline mitts (modified to my liking) and a Saroyan scarf to the gift closet stash. I keep thinking I should be drawing or painting or coming up with another stamp or linocut design…. but all I really want to do is knit, so I’m going with it. (I also want to sew, a little bit. I have fabric for dresses for my 6yo, but the first pattern I bought was awful so now I’m modifying something else and, oh, it’s a long story. I haven’t gotten up the courage to cut the material yet.) I’m just going to trust the process, indulge what I feel pulled to do, and let my brain work on stuff in the background. Usually a period of relative restfulness (knitting is very restful, especially when it’s old familiar patterns) ends with a creative burst.

But, speaking of those old familiar patterns….I’ve modified those Evangeline mitts so much that almost all that’s left is the cable pattern. So, I thought, why not fool around a bit with a basic mitten pattern and a stitch dictionary and see if I can come up with something completely unique? Occasionally I get asked if I sell the mitts and I always say no, because strictly speaking, it’s not my pattern. It would be nice to have the option, I suppose.

cabled mitt in progress

So I guess I’m not being totally dormant on the creative front.

In other news, I’m vacuuming every other day, we’ve only had one showing so far, and I’ll be burying St. Joseph upside down any day now. I have thought about Christmas exactly Not At All. Our six-year-old is sounding out words and beginning to read and losing teeth. Our oldest will be thirteen in less than two weeks and that’s going well some days. And on Saturday I’ll be getting on a train to New Haven to meet someone in person that I’ve only spoken to online. (Aside to my kids: Don’t do that.) So in general, you know, despite the real estate uncertainty, things are pretty good here.

3 thoughts on “Just Knitting

  1. Michelle

    Good for you! Follow your gut and do what sounds enjoyable. You need that right now. So cool with the pattern experimenting too. All good things.

    Shhhhhh. I know. Mine is starting to read and finally losing those teeth and the oldest …. Ugh. I’m not crying. Nope.

    yay for you guys meeting up! Fun!

  2. karen

    I never buried my St. Joseph statue, I promised if my house sold (and it did) I would display him where I saw him every single day. Since then he is on my window sill! May your house sell quickly!! Have fun meeting a friend 🙂 And I love your knitting 🙂

  3. Victoria

    Glad to hear that things are going well and you are getting through November: not one of the better months.

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