And More Transitions

I’m still getting used to the new schedule. Between drop-off and pick-up, N and I are busy all day with his work, and then the next shift begins, with after-school activities and dinner. (Sometimes the former conflicts with preparing the latter.) I haven’t yet identified where I could squeeze in some pockets of time for me in this schedule, so I’m tired, but I know from experience it will shake out eventually.

Meanwhile, I can finally share (because it’s now definite) that we’ll be relocating from Rhode Island to the DC area, Maryland side, once we sell our house. So somehow, we need to deal with everything that’s cluttered up since we moved into this house almost 11 years ago and get it ready to go on the market. My husband and I both grew up here so this is a big change–but a very exciting one. I’ll miss this:

transitions 2-beach

Morning coffee at the salt pond behind the barrier beach–one of our favorite places, just 15 minutes from home.

But I won’t miss this:

Sometimes the snow builds up, and sometimes we get almost 2 feet all at once.

Sometimes the snow builds up storm by storm, and sometimes we get almost 2 feet all at once.

We’ve told the kids, and we’re helping them process the news and soliciting their ideas on what sort of house and community we’d like to live in. As the decision-making process was going on, my one request was that we remain together as a family. I didn’t want to end up in a situation where my husband was already in Maryland at his new position while the kids and I were up here, trying to sell the house so we could join him. We have a generous amount of time to relocate, but still, we need to get the house in order and start the process. So this space may be a bit quiet as I try to spend the pockets of time I do carve out to clean and declutter.

6 thoughts on “And More Transitions

  1. RoseRed

    Exciting news! I would not miss that snow either! Packing and de cluttering is awful but so worth it (the de cluttering I mean, obviously you have to pack!). Hope it all goes well.

    1. amy Post author

      we don’t have to pack! beyond what we want on the drive down… we get movers for this move. phewf.
      and thank you. I am excited!! I seriously need some cleaning fairies to come help though. Or more free weekends.

  2. karen

    congrats on the move! boy do you have lots of lists to make for this transition! I’m glad you will all remain together, that will make the transition easier for all.

  3. donna lee

    I lived in the Maryland/DC area for about 18 ,months. We were surprised at how much rural area there is down there. We lived in Hollywood MD (blink and you miss it). It’s beautiful there. We lived near the Pawtuxet Naval Air station and one of the perks is crabbing. It sounds like life will be exciting for you for a while.

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