Making + Listening::15/2014

A return to the making and listening link up hosted by Jen… this past week I printed a horseshoe crab linocut I recently carved.

horseshoe crab lino print at

We found some horseshoe crab sheds on the beach earlier this summer so we took them home and I drew them and drew them again and painted it and finally carved one. A bit of testing and refining, and these are the final prints, drying. I’m using soy-based permanent ink, so when it finally cures and sets, I’m going to experiment with adding watercolor to a few of these. It’s incredibly satisfying to see how I’m getting better with lino carving.

Beyond that, this week my kids and I returned to some of our favorite places–rock tide pools and the salt pond beach–one last time before the oldest and youngest began school today. We’ve listened to gulls and lapping water, birds and katydids (they’re so loud at night!), shrieks of fun and splashing kids. I miss it already.

3 thoughts on “Making + Listening::15/2014

    1. amy Post author

      Thank you! They are such fascinating creatures. Your master’s thesis must have been fun to do! These will eventually be for sale but the ink takes quite a while (on the order of weeks) to cure properly.

  1. Jen

    These are amazing. I cannot wait for tourist season to be over so we can get to the beach during the day without everyone else!

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