Watercolor Sketches

I quietly–well, not so quietly anymore, since I’m saying so here–set myself the challenge of making a watercolor sketch every day this week. I’m not sure I’ll make it, as we have a couple of long out-of-the-house days this week, including today, Tuesday. But I’ve completed two in a row, and that’s Something. Here’s the one I did Sunday, of a flower bought from the on-your-honor stand down the road, which I went to in the pouring rain because I wanted some flowers to draw. While I drew and painted, Ghostbusters was on in the background–the rest of the family was watching it. It was a nice way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

watercolor sketch at amyhoodarts.com

5×7 watercolor sketch of a black-eyed Susan.

And this is the one I did Monday morning, while more or less leaving my kids to their own devices. My daughter drew and painted the flowers Monday morning as well, but she was almost done by the time I began. This flower wasn’t purchased; I found Turk’s-cap Lilies growing on the side of road next to the freshwater wetland, on the property that nobody wants to buy because it would be so hard to build on it. I love that wetland! And I was delighted to find these flowers. I snipped just two to take home with me.

watercolor sketch at amyhoodarts.com

5×7 watercolor sketch of Turk’s-cap Lilies.

These were difficult to draw, and I don’t think my hesitancy did me any favors. I may try this one again.

I am really enjoying my watercolors.

3 thoughts on “Watercolor Sketches

  1. Jennifer

    Hi Amy, These are beautiful!! I went to a homeschooling retreat back in June and wanted to share I found the best watercolors. You can get them off amazon, Koi watercolors. I gave them to Lucas and now he says he loves painting! He has done lots of shading with them like he does with his pencil drawings. Hugs/Jenn

    1. amy Post author

      So nice to hear from you here, Jenn!! My kids were given the small pan travel set of Koi but I haven’t tried them. Maybe I should borrow them! Thanks for the recommendation–and I love hearing that Lucas is enjoying painting, too! 🙂

  2. donna lee

    You paint so well. Pete used to paint/sketch. He hasn’t done it for a while and has turned his creative urges into wooden things. I guess if you have the desire to create inside, it finds a way out no matter in what medium.

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