Making + Listening::12/2014

I’m joining in with Jen this week to share a hat I sewed up Tuesday night, using this pattern.

Denim sun hat at

My husband hunted around in his closet when he heard I was looking for denim for this and found a too-big pair of jeans with a rip in the knee. I wasted no time in cutting out the pattern pieces. The hat, by the way, is reversible. Presto-chango.

reversible sun hat at

The cotton fabric is from stash. I bought it because I liked it and as soon as I saw the hat pattern I knew what I’d bought it for.

By the way, I think this is the first time I’ve posted a picture anywhere since my hair was cut in April. I wanted it about collar-bone length and neatened, and after almost three months’ of growing time, it’s still this short. (With layers! That I didn’t ask for!) But I’m okay with it now. It just had to grow for a couple of months first.

I’ll be making more of these hats, I’m pretty sure. I went to the local thrift store Wednesday morning and bought a large pair of jeans for $5. I had a twinge of guilt for planning to cut into perfectly good jeans, but I figure at least the money goes to the attached food pantry.

As for listening, I’ve been enjoying streaming Pandora through my cell phone and playing it via Bluetooth in the car. As I told my kids yesterday, when I was a kid, our family car didn’t even have a cassette player. It was radio or nothing.

“Did you have Internet?”


“Wow. You’re that old?”

6 thoughts on “Making + Listening::12/2014

  1. Donna

    I love the hat! And I love your curls! I’m sure with all this humidity your hair seems even shorter but I think it looks great. I envy your ability to just sew something up so quickly!

    1. amy Post author

      Thanks, Donna! It’s much longer when straight, yes. But she cut it dry for that reason. -.- I won’t be going back there for sure but I’m glad hair grows at least!!

  2. Lisa

    I love the hat! Even more, I love that you shared photos of yourself. You look like the understanding friend I already know you to be.

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