Making + Listening::10/2014

pockets in progress at

This week I have been making basic pockets. That’s a stack with zippers sewn in, waiting to be top-stitched and sewn up (which took place about nine hours after I took the photo; I mostly sew at night after my youngest is in bed). Along with last week’s chicken, this stack contains more embroidery, some stamped images (you can see the bottom edge of an anchor), and some that are both stamped and embroidered (four more trees in various colors). I’m waiting until after this weekend before adding anything new–including the cards and notebooks that didn’t sell at last weekend’s fair–to the shop, because I’m meeting with a local shop owner on Saturday to see about consignment. (The store that carried items last year closed around Christmas and I figured it was time to look into doing that again.)

As for listening, like many parents of young children, I have been listening to my kids sing this. My 5yo especially belts it out, dressed in both her blue sparkly capes (this one layered under this one). “Let it Go” has been stuck in my head all week. Sometimes I belt it out too, when I just can’t hold it back anymore…

Linking up with Jen again this week.

2 thoughts on “Making + Listening::10/2014

  1. Jen

    Love your pouches!! Good luck with the shop!! We listen to “Let it go” and “Do you wanna build a snowman” many many many times a day!

  2. carolyn

    Not gonna lie…I listen to it on my ipod in the car, singing along…constantly. I’ve stopped singing at home since Grace came home from school and she asked me not to sing! She, my Disney fanatic, has told me I’ve watched Frozen way too many times! Love the pockets, as always!

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