Making + Listening::9/2014

The Making + Listening series has a new host, Jen at iHappy, and I’m definitely happy to be joining in again this week! It’s been a while. I’ll start off by sharing something 5yo G made.

5yo's 3-D picture at

This was all her idea and completely driven by her. As is usual, she let me know when she needed certain materials or some assistance. I did suggest she glue the paper that she colored onto some mat board before proceeding to glue things onto it, since she started off with printer paper. I love how kids simply don’t care about things like scale, and how their artwork is so much more interesting for it.

Here’s a close-up of the cow (cut from a milk carton) with the flowers (carefully constructed from paper and tissue paper before gluing to the base).

Those flowers tower over that cow. It’s awesome.

Another close-up, of the superhero:

I also helped her figure out how to glue that so it stayed upright. We used a craft stick for support. One more close-up, of the chimney on the building. She told me she needed a cap from a juice carton, brown paint, and black paper so she could cut out smoke.

I super love the things she makes.

In comparison, I’ve been downright slothful. I have a chicken-in-progress to share…

embroidered chicken in progress at

I’m working on some more small embroidered linen pockets–I decided to apply for a proper craft fair being held in July.

As for the listening, I’m really enjoying the birds. The weather has finally cooperated enough that we can have the windows open during the day. I hear far more birds than I see, of course. Titmice and towhees, cardinals and catbirds, phoebes, veerys, wood thrush, and a yellow warbler that I really want to get a glimpse of, but I’ve had no luck so far. Varied birdsong in the summer is one of my favorite parts of where I live.

And while I wish I had a lilac bush right in my yard, on my way home yesterday I noticed cut lilac at the on-your-honor flower stand down my road, so I made a u-turn and bought some. Now my dining room smells perfect.

cut lilacs at


6 thoughts on “Making + Listening::9/2014

  1. karen

    She is so creative, I adore the chimney ๐Ÿ™‚ I would have never thought of that. Pretty stitching you got there!!

    1. amy Post author

      Thanks. She’s pretty inventive! I just kind of sit back and get out of the way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. RoseRed

    I love lilacs too. Gorgeous.
    Love G’s work too. Connor has just started really using his imagination, playing games and making things, and I love seeing and hearing what he is coming up with.

  3. Karen Isaacson

    I’ve been loving the bird song too! I’ve never been good at identifying bird calls, but this year I’m making a concerted effort to pay attention and try to match the call with the bird. I’ve now got 7-8 common birds I can identify by sound, but in the early morning symphony there are far more songs I don’t recognize than the ones I do. (thank goodness for the cornell lab of ornithology’s recordings to help my along)

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