Ready For Arts Night

(Megan at Days With the Grays has started a great series of interviews with creative mothers. You can catch her interview with me right here.)

My oldest’s child’s school is having their Arts Night tonight, with a performing arts/music component and a display of visual art. He chose to be part of the tech crew for the play. The art teacher kindly invited my non-schooled children to display some of their art as well. The art program at this school is, well, challenged. The teacher is only part-time. I believe he’s not even half-time; I think it’s a .4 position. From my point of view as a parent, art has not been a priority at the school as far as resources, space, or time. This makes me very sad, of course. This also explains why my oldest son chose something from home to display; he wasn’t sure there would be anything from his art class at school. I don’t blame the art teacher for this. I think it must be very challenging to try to run an art program under such limitations. At any rate, I think it was really nice of him to invite my younger kids to participate in the show as well.

My 5yo sorted through all the artwork we’ve done recently (printmaking tends to create lots and lots of finished works!) to try to narrow it down. The best she could do was limit herself to three. She chose three gelatin plate prints:

“Spring Tree” by G, age 5. Gelatin plate print.

“Seaweed in the Ocean” by G, age 5. Gelatin plate print.

“Grassy Chick,” by G, age 5. Gelatin plate print.

My 9yo had a specific idea in mind and set out to create it. After much problem-solving, he was still unable to manipulate the gelatin plate layers quite the way he wanted, so he decided to add the final layer, the tree, by making a second print and using collage.

“Starry Night With Tree” by N, age 9. Gelatin plate print collage.

My 12yo chose one of his gelatin plate prints as well.

“Untitled,” by V, age 12. Gelatin plate print.

The adults in the school community were also invited to participate. I wasn’t sure about this; I didn’t want to be the only adult. But I checked, and there will be others, so I decided I’d show a couple of things too, both linocut prints.

“Rock Crab,” linocut print.

“Tulips,” linocut print with watercolor

It’s really nice that all three kids are included and excited. (Can I say it? It’s also nice to be done with play practices…)

5 thoughts on “Ready For Arts Night

  1. Suburban Correspondent

    Those are awesome!

    My neighbor’s daughter is currently an art teacher in a local school, but she is thinking of quitting, because she can’t take the constraints and limitations anymore.

  2. karen

    it would be fun to have you as a mother. I had a crafting mother, knitting crocheting and sewing kind of mother but not artist with colors and paints and palettes. What fun!

  3. Claudine

    Those prints are amazing!! I am anxious to try these with my littles — I think a couple of them will love this process and the beautiful results.

    Kudos to you for supporting the art teacher best you can — I think anything that can be done to show that support is so very good for arts programs!


    p.s. we are headed to art night at two of our schools this weekend too! 🙂

  4. Karen

    I think it’s lovely that you were all invited to participate, hopefully it sends a message that art transcends the (meager) art instruction offered in school, and is worthwhile and valuable at every age. (and oh yes, the relief of a big extra curricular event being over! we just wrapped up months and months of science olympiad practice)

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