Making + Listening::5/2014

I’ve been very busy making this past week. First priority was a custom order for Dawn, for a pouch for her son’s Kindle. She also wanted it to be protected against wetness. After talking about her son’s interests, this is the design we came up with.

photo 1 copy

For the uninitiated, that’s a Minecraft cake block.

I lined it with PUL, the fabric that’s used for cloth diapers and wet bags.

photo 2 copy

It’s on its way to Dawn and her son now. I always put my own good intentions into what I make–even when I don’t know who may end up buying something, I make everything as if I’m sewing a gift for a friend. But when I do know who will be getting it, that’s even better, because then I’m thinking of them all the way through. Which is to say, I enjoyed making this for Ander!

Also this week I’ve been working to put together the next issue of Art Together. I am so excited about it. As part of that process, I made my first gelatin printmaking plate.

gelatin plate

Photo by V. Hood.

The kids and I spent Wednesday morning experimenting with it, and we were back at it after lunch on Thursday! I have a stack of gelatin plates in my fridge right now (I cut the large one down into smaller ones). Because this is a completely normal thing for some of us, to have ink-stained printmaking plates hanging out in the fridge.

I’m also happy to be making time for running again. Earlier this month I was cleared by the orthopedist to start slowly, with short distances, adding only 1/2 mile or so of mileage each week. I was waylaid a bit while my husband was away last week, but I got back to the track last night and it felt so good! I’m also transitioning to minimalist shoes, on the orthopedist’s recommendation, which requires a different footstrike, too. (I know, I lost the non-runners there, sorry.) The bright side is that coming back slowly to running makes it the perfect time to transition, because you have to do that slowly too. By the time sunrise is early enough for me to get out before I need to tend to the day (my favorite running time), I ought to be able to just head out the door and go.

As for listening…it’s still the Olympics most of the time, and Pandora shuffle in the art room. What a happy thing, to listen to music and make art.

(Linking up with Dawn again this week.)

4 thoughts on “Making + Listening::5/2014

  1. moongirl

    I love the pouch!! …and I did recognize the Minecraft embroidery – very cool!

    I’ve never tried gelatin printing but am intrigued as I seem to come across it often lately!

    Hoorah to running! I do it off and on as winter is a challenge for running. My husband has the barefoot type of shoes and says they are amazing. I have to wear orthotics because my knees and feet are messed so regular shoes for me but he swears by them!

  2. dawn

    the first time he saw the picture, he smiled. he knew *precisely* what it was. your rendition is going to be the envy of everyone who sees it 🙂

    when i reminded him that it is on it’s way, he said, “yes, yes it is” with a contented sigh.

    sooo glad you could make this possible for us, amy!

  3. karen

    I am so happy that the doctor gave the go ahead for your running, I know how much you’ve missed it. Good luck, and love the personalized pouch 🙂

  4. dawn suzette

    Yay for running. Happy to hear that. I am interested in the minimalist shoes. I would love to hear a report after you have used them!
    Can’t wait to see some gelatin prints. That process looks so neat.
    Smart idea for the water protection on the pouch! It turned out so cool!
    Thanks for joining in!

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