The block-printing ink we use is water-soluble. Unlike oil-based ink, it’s non-toxic and easy to clean up (and truthfully, it’s the first one that concerns me more–my goal is always high quality, non-toxic art materials). However, it’s not permanent even when dry, which means we can’t go into a print with any wet media. So I did some poking around online and learned about Akua Intaglio inks. It’s soy-based, water-based, permanent, and cleans up with dish soap and water. I ordered a small container of black ink off Amazon to experiment with before going all in and ordering, well, lots of it.

hanging prints

I played with it earlier this week. (I also set up a simple registration system so my prints would be evenly centered.)

drying rock crab prints

This is my latest linocut, which I actually did a few weeks ago, but then needed to adjust, and I never posted about it. It’s from a sketch I made of a rock crab quite a while ago.

After the prints dried overnight, I added watercolor to one to see if the ink was, indeed, permanent.

watercolor + print

How delightful is that?! I’m not sure what to do with these. I think I should have cut the paper larger–it’s 5″ x 7″ (the print itself is 4″ x 6″). I’m mulling over the possibilities for these. And of course, the kids and I are also experimenting with this ink together–but I can’t show you that yet.

Since I’m calling this a Making + Listening post and linking up with Dawn, we’ve mostly been listening and watching the Olympics. The kids-at-home get to see events live in the mornings, which is fun, and they pulled out the world atlas so they could learn to identify the athletes’ countries by their flags. And when I’m working in the art area, either by myself or with the kids, it’s Pandora–back on the 80s station because I need the extra pep when I’m the only parent for the week.

7 thoughts on “Making+Listening::4/2014

  1. Dawn Suzette

    Wow! They turned out amazing.
    I am seriously goo goo over that crab cut! Oh, my! That is so very cool!
    Lots of Olympics here too but trying to contain it to the evenings. Wes bought an antenna just so we could watch on the big TV 😉
    Thanks for joining in!

  2. Carolyn

    The tulip print is beautiful. Do you have a gallery wall in your house? You could frame your prints and hang them in your own art gallery and switch them out with new creations as you make them. With all of the creativity in your home you would have no shortage of artwork to display. If you do it in a public area of your house, the kids could show their work to guests.

    Or you could send it to me and I could hang it in Ellen’s room since she moved and took all of her furniture and artwork. I’m starting from scratch in there! 🙂

  3. donna lee

    I just read through 2 weeks worth of posts, the flu really knocked me out and I have been rather remiss. You amaze me with all the things you manage to accomplish. Sometimes I feel like such a slug! The weather has kept us inside most of the time this winter and it’s benefited the spinning and some of the knitting but I’ve spent more time reading than I have for a long while. It just felt like the thing to do.

    I love the tulips. They’re one of my favorite Spring flowers partly because they don’t last too long. The bloom and then are gone so quickly. Your print is just lovely. (and your family is so very fortunate to have you. Your creativity makes everything around you more beautiful).

    1. amy Post author

      Donna Lee, thank you. What a lovely thing to say. I’m so sorry you were felled by the flu–I hear it’s really bad this year.

      Reading is my favorite thing to do when I just need to rest.

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