Prompt: Connect the Dots

I often use the writealm prompts in my own private writing, but rarely do I do anything with the results. Usually I’m just musing to myself. Every now and then, though, something results that I want to share more widely. Yesterday’s prompt was “connect the dots,” and this poem emerged. Thanks for indulging me as I share something not at all homeschool or art related.

Craning necks achingly backwards
squinting into inky blackness to find lines
between stars like glittered sand flung from a child’s shovel.
With persistence the haphazard disarray
brought into order
each shine assigned its place
connected with others to form images,
images connected with stories,
figures of myth fixed on high:
navigation linked to plot from the beginning.

I too seek meaning in the arbitrary,
looking to connect the plot points of my life,
seeking the inevitability of the space in which I stand,
tracing my way backwards, finding proof that I am
where I belong,
proof of the reliability of
the star map of my soul.

6 thoughts on “Prompt: Connect the Dots

  1. karen

    Oh, you are talented-I loved the last two lines and “looking to connect the plot points of my life,” I think we all do that at some point.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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