Building up the Mail Stash

February might be a tough month for blogging, because much of the kid-involved art exploration going on here will probably end up in either my column or my e-zine. After those are published, the outtakes can and probably will end up here (we are exploring so. much.), but until then… I’m excited about the things we’re reading, doing, and planning to do, yet have to be quiet about it here.

mail stash at

However, I can share with you that I’ve been building up my mail stash! With odds and ends of time in the art studio, I’ve made lots of postcards to send out. These aren’t for swaps–as fun as swaps are, I think right now I much prefer the idea of sending out mail to people with whom I already have a connection. I can add a personal note and have the fun of waiting for it to land and brighten a day. I haven’t set a formal goal with this (because it’s a FUN THING), but I like the idea of trying to send out something every week. So while the kids were making Valentines, I made Valentine-themed postcards. When I had ten minutes downstairs, I collaged some Bristol board to turn into postcards. It’s like a quick hit of art therapy, and then comes the fun of sending them out to friends.

I can also share this: in case you missed it on Twitter, a get-to-know-me questionnaire was featured on the Home/School/Life blog last week. Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Building up the Mail Stash

  1. karen

    I love the red elephant one 🙂 When traveling I try to buy an artistic postcard to save as a memory of the trip. Usually there is a shop of local artist displays. Can you believe it’s February? Already? We have snow, again, and you? Are you getting some?

  2. Lisa Hassan Scott

    What does collaging Bristol board involve? (don’t even know what Bristol board is!!)

    I love your postcards. I’ve been making some too. Watercolour paintings mostly. Megan Gray inspired me by sending me a lovely one.


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