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Taken at Wat Arun by my husband, used here so I have a pretty picture to go with this post.

Taken at Wat Arun by my husband, used here so I have a pretty picture to go with this post.

Between Monday being a holiday and Wednesday being a snow day and tracking delayed and canceled flights, I thought Friday was Thursday, so I’m sharing Friday links on Saturday. Follow?! Anyway, just a few things I saw this week that I thought were interesting:

Take Care of Your Little Notebook by Charles Simic, tweeted by iHanna. I have multitudes of notebooks…a writing one, a project one, sketchbooks, the One With the Grocery List and Meal Plans, one in my bag at all times… (I sell little notebooks, too). I loved this piece. Evernote-on-my-phone may occasionally supplement but will never, ever replace an actual notebook for me.

Debunking the Myth of the 10,000 Hours Rule at Brainpickings. We’ve all heard the idea that 10,000 hours at one activity equals mastery, but this explains that it’s how you use those hours that matter–and that errors are a part of the process.

Related, On Doing the Work on Seth’s Blog is a reminder that you actually have to do the work to learn anything. “Learning is not watching a video, learning is taking action and seeing what happens.”

Speaking of learning, as soon as I saw Sketchbook Skool (and yes, the misuse of “k” is driving me nuts) tweeted by Jodi Wiley and I checked it out, I decided to sign up. I’ve been wanting to take a drawing class, and I was really clicked in to the idea of an in-person class with a live, right-there instructor and classmates that I could talk to in real time. But the figure drawing class I had my eye on is $500 and 45 minutes away for something like 10 weeknights in a row. I wasn’t actively looking for an online substitute, but when I saw this it felt right–I use my sketchbook a lot, but I’d like to be more organized about it, and I really like the aspect of seeing how others approach theirs. This is not the same as a figure drawing class, not at all, but it will scratch my itch for a drawing class and, of course, it’s $400 cheaper and I don’t have to spend 90 minutes in the car every week.

Last but not least, there’s a new homeschool magazine debuting soon, Home / School / Life, and I was approached by the editor, Shelli Pabis, to write an art column. I very excitedly said yes. The magazine will be available in print and digital format, and the first issue will be available this spring.

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Friday Links on Saturday

  1. Mo Awkati

    Like the pics 🙂 I thought I was the only who liked notebooks!!

    talking of drawing art class, I am in the middle of setting up a Learning Zone on my website with different classes for a very small monthly sum, something around £10 a month with access to various classes which of course includes figure drawing. It will not be time limited and you go at your own pace, and subscribers can contact me to help with support and guidance.

    It is really a response to enquiries for my studio based art classes and when learners couldn’t make the times or had to travel distances or could only fit it in their own time.

    Will keep you posted 🙂

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