Making + Listening::3/2014

Sunday at the grocery store, the kids and I bought flowers. Cheerful flowers are one of the small joys of life, no? We finally settled on delphiniums (blue) and tulips (pink). I decided to use the flowers as a drawing practice subject. I found it was easier, at first, to draw the delphiniums. I suspect this is because I have an idea of what tulips look like, but I’m not familiar with delphiniums. My brain couldn’t try to take over with preconceived ideas, in other words. With the delphiniums, all I could do was look at what was there and draw it.

my sketch-delphiniums at

delphinium sketches

Sigh, it’s so hard to photograph pencil sketches. At any rate, of course I asked the kids if they wanted to draw the flowers too. And they did. My 9yo received a nice set of colored pencils for Christmas, and he uses them every chance he gets (I would too!). So his sketch of the tulips in their vase is in color.

N's drawing of tulips at

G, like me, sketched in pencil.

G's drawing 2 at

delphinium sketches by 5yo

G's drawing at

I gave the tulips another go and quite liked the ones on the right, which I went over in Pitt pen.

my sketch-tulips at

tulip sketches

Rather a long time ago, I decided I wanted to figure out linocuts, but it sort of settled to the bottom of the list. However, we’ve been looking at lots of examples of woodcuts and block prints lately, and I’ve been trying to get a handle on what decisions the artists made, and why. I thought I could try to translate the tulip sketch into a linocut. I worked on the carving a bit at a time over several days, and I’m pleased with the result. This is a test print I just pulled today.

linocut of tulips at

Actually, I’m going to rephrase that. I am not just “pleased” with the results. I’m really, really happy. I look at this and I am proud of it. Pfft on the understatement. I am all WOW! I carved this!!

Creating is just so fabulous.

I’m linking up with Dawn again this week for Making + Listening. As for the listening part, I found some Pete Yorn on my computer and enjoyed listening to that. Otherwise, it was a lot more of the 80s station to get through the work trip, which ended up lasting nearly two weeks thanks to cancellations and delays. He finally got home yesterday, two days late, and we were all so happy to see him.

8 thoughts on “Making + Listening::3/2014

  1. Lisa Hassan Scott

    You are rightly proud of that linocut. It’s A-MAZING. I love it, love it, love it! 🙂

    And I also love it that you prioritised making, even though it was a hard week with lots of challenges and adjustment to changes in C’s schedule plus worry about his safety.

    PS I’m so glad I’ve finally subscribed to your blog so now I don’t miss your posts!

  2. Dawn Suzette

    Wow! The result is beautiful. I love, really, really, love the print. It is so neat to see the process from drawing to print. Yes, you need to do more of this!
    And the kids drawing are great. Fun to see all of the different phases they are in and interpretations.
    So happy he is finally back! Yay!
    Thanks for sharing and linking up this week!

  3. Karen

    pfft on understatement! you should embroider that on one of your pouches. or your jeans. It’s a great carve, and worthy of exuberant celebration!

  4. amy Post author

    Thanks, Karen. I tend towards understatement. When I say “pleased” it usually means, “I love what I just did!” I think I’ll say the second version more often!

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