Making + Listening::2/2014

A bit of our making this week:

banana bread at

Gluten-free banana bread, zoomed in and on macro so hopefully you can’t see that my stove-top is less-than-spotless.

spies at

My 9yo occasionally gathers the denizens of his room for meetings, grouped by their responsibilities. These, as you can see, are the spies, which I’m sharing because I enjoy that the rat is in this group. Most of the dragons are in charge of the treasury, obviously, but that purple and green one is small, so he gets to be a spy.

magnastix 2 at magnastix 1 at

Because my husband is away, my two younger kids came with me to physical therapy on Tuesday. The therapist let them play with this vintage magnetic building game that they use with patients who are working on fine-motor control. My kids asked me to take photos before they had to clean up and put it away. I only had my cell phone camera with me and was hooked up to the electrical stimulation machine when I took the picture, so I think we can forgive the blurriness of the first photo.

sweater in progress at

I’ve been knitting a baby sweater this week, just like this one, except for the color, of course, which is this really lovely light blue. We hope it’s acceptable for either a girl or a boy (we certainly think so), “we” being the 12yo and I, because it’s for his teacher. This shows my progress as of Wednesday afternoon after his orthodontist appointment, during which time I knit happily and quietly in a corner of the waiting room while my other two kids amused themselves with the New Things To Them provided for waiting siblings.

We have one more doctor’s appointment this week, if you can believe it, to the asthma + allergy clinic in the city, after which we plan to visit the Big Art Store. That would be making the best of a trip to the city.

As for listening, it’s been the 80s station pretty much anytime music is on. When no other adult is walking through the door for eleven days straight, you need something to keep you moving forward–and even dancing in the living room every so often. (“Your physical therapist won’t be happy,” my 5yo-going-on-30 informs me. “Probably not,” I reply, and then introduce the concept of air guitar.)

I’m linking up with Dawn again this week, of course. How’s your making been going?

6 thoughts on “Making + Listening::2/2014

  1. Dawn Suzette

    Lots of goodness there. That magnet set is so super cool. Magnets have been popular around here lately. Little man got a cool kit from my brother. So fun.

    Have fun with the city trip & art shop visit. Making the best of appointments!

    Thanks for joining in!

  2. karen

    love the knitting, but you already guessed that one. I love the idea of going to the Big Art Store. I was in a little art store (and I only write words but have a lovely pen and paper obsession). It was wonderful to be there and I enjoyed talking to the people who work there. Hope you spent lots and lots of time and money while there!

  3. Michelle

    “Your physical therapist won’t be happy,”

    Haha!! πŸ™‚

    My mom found a magnet set like that at a garage sale a while back. It was so cool. Kids loved building with it.

  4. moongirl

    That banana bread look sooo yummy! I have yet to find a GF recipe that cooks through the middle without killing the outside! πŸ™‚

    You are hilarious by the way! Love reading about your day!

  5. Karen

    That magnet set is so familiar, but I don’t think I ever owned it. Must have been in one of the many preschools I’ve worked in over the years. I love that group of spies. and dancing in the living room is always a good idea in my book.

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