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Our countdown chain. (Get it? Links!)

I retweet lots of interesting things that pass my way on Twitter, but I thought it might be nice to collect them in one place. Given the title, it sounds like maybe I’ll try to do that weekly. Maybe. It really depends on the week now, doesn’t it?!

For this week, though… a hodpodge of interweb goodness for your enjoyment:

Squam announced their 2014 retreat schedule and classes. I am drawn, oh-so-drawn, to September’s retreat this year. The classes look fabulous. It’s always held over our anniversary, though, so I never really feel like it’s an option. Maybe it is for you, though?

Ellen posted a roundup of bag tutorials at The Long Thread.I have 1, 2, 3 Sew, and I’m not sure why I haven’t made the market tote yet. This roundup reminded me I want to (and all the included patterns have links to online tutorials).

Still on the crafty front, Diane at Craftypod is offering to swap a back issue of her Christmas zine for a holiday card. I mailed a card to her yesterday. This is a pretty hard offer to pass up! Plus I’m happy to add her to my list–I’ve taken two of her classes, and she runs my fantasy football league (where I have a fantastic team on paper that manages to lose every week; I’m the Gary Kubiak of fantasy football–an in-joke for you fellow football lovers).

For you fellow makers and do-ers, Seth Godin’s post Trash Talking Important Work is an excellent read. “In fact, this is an important thing you’re about to do, and denigrating it undermines the very reason you’re doing this work in the first place.” Go read it, if you haven’t already.

If you need some reinforcement that your passions are, in fact, worthy of time and effort, read the poem Your real quest over at Bentlily. You want your life to “thunder with joy,” don’t you? I need to print this one out and tape it to my wall.

Moving into one of my passions…there’s a great portrait of Piet Mondrian, taken by Arnold Newman, on the deCordova website. He’s the Featured Artist in the current issue of Art Together, and I love his evolution towards simplicity in his work, the distillation down to the bare minimum of what he felt was necessary. Although to be honest, my favorite of his is an earlier work, The Grey Tree. Those lines!

And finally, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the chorus of “I want!” at this time of year, despite your best efforts to place your attention on the non-material portions of the holiday season, take a look at Christine Carter’s post Are We Wired to Want Stuff? It helps to understand what’s going on (warming–she gets into brain chemistry!) so at least we can talk about it. And admit it, even as an adult, it’s hard not to want, even a little bit, at this time of year. Christine explains what’s going on.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I’ll be back on Monday with my Giveaway Day post. See you then!