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Now that Issue Two is out in the world, I really want to get my hands into some off-computer creating. Of course lots of art-making goes on while creating the magazine, but the last push is very much on the computer, and the very last bit is sorting out the tech-stuff, which is getting easier but still gives me a bit of a headache. So it was a treat to put together this card to send to a pen-pal.

notecard at

That’s a hand-carved stamp printed on Kraft card stock, colored in with a colored pencil, surrounded by a glued-on watercolor/salt effect border. Yay! Making things with my hands is so…necessary.

I also started a pair of socks for my eldest, having finished his mittens. (He has gloves, too, but at 12 he still appreciates and wants hand-knit mittens from his mama. Love.)

beginning of a sock at

He isn’t typically a bright-color kid (his mittens are black), but he only wears handknit socks to bed, so I’m guessing that explains this rather bright yarn. We were more concerned if it felt okay. It would be nice to have these finished in time for Christmas, but knitting socks for him no longer means quickly whipping up some kid-sized socks; it’s just the same as knitting a pair for me. His new snow boots, in fact, fit me. (!!) However, he’s a good-natured kid and will happily accept partly finished socks and a promise, if it comes to that.

As for the listening part, I’ve been listening to my youngest nonstop. We’ve also been listening to Christmas music, but when I need a break–and sometimes I do–I turn it to the 80s station to pep myself up a bit. And I’ve been overdosing on Of Monsters and Men and loving it.

How about you? What are you making and listening to? I’m linking up with Dawn again here.

14 thoughts on “Making + Listening

  1. Rachelle (@inspiritedmama)

    Making is SOO necessary! At the moment I’m putting the finishing touches on a handstitched felt advent calendar. Minime helped me with some of it, and it’s been a lot of fun. Reminds me how important it is to get her involved with what I’m working on, and then just to sit and chat while we stitch has been sooooo good for us!

    The stamp is beautiful! What do you carve it out of? The only stamps I’ve ever made were potatoes, lol.

  2. Kim

    So agree with you on making being necessary. That stamped card is beautiful. We love playing with water colour and salt 🙂

  3. Michelle

    Ha! I hear ya on listening to the youngling. 🙂

    Making. So necessary. Currently, I’m so making deprived that it felt good just to make play dough today. Gotta fix that.

  4. KC

    That card is just wonderful! I just finished hand stamping 50 business cards. I love making my own stamps like I love drinking hot chocolate!

  5. donna lee

    I have been listening (and responding to) some spanish lessons on my phone. I wish I had learned more of this when I was a kid. It will be a really big help if I can learn some conversational Spanish (I have a deplorable accent).

    1. amy Post author

      I’ve always wished I could speak Spanish, too. I got started in French in 7th grade and my attempts to learn Spanish after were miserable–everything went English to French to Spanish in my head, very confusing. It would have been so useful when I was working with Providence youth eons ago.

  6. carolyn

    Our latest “tradition” now that everyone is older has accidentally become “who gets the unfinished gift”. A few years ago it was Andrew’s fiance, who received an unfinished quilt. Last year Ellen received an unfinished crocheted hat. This year I think it will be my husband who will get unfinished socks. They all start asking about the unfinished gift at Thanksgiving. It’s kind of fun and takes some of the pressure off of me to finish! Love the sock color!

  7. Dawn Suzette

    Yes! The creating done on the computer is a completely different type of creativity. The card is great. Love the effect of salt with water color and the stamp is really sweet.
    D is 7 and still follows me around the house talking. Mostly it is great, except when it’s not (like when I am in the bathroom).
    Thanks for joining in this week!

  8. Megan gray

    I’m hoping to do more making art soon. These days have been filled more with making birthday plans for our oldest son and listening to way too much Yo Gabba Gabba!

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