Announcing Art Together Issue Two: Line

Art Together Issue Two: Line at

It’s a great feeling to let this go into the world. All the last-minute edits and fixes crossed off the list, all the tech taken care of (hopefully correctly–I did the bulk of it well into Monday night because I let the kids stay up late to watch a Christmas special). It’s hard to say, finally, done. Setting my own deadlines helps with that, and I aimed to have this ready the first week of December. So I can say…this one is complete and ready to share, and I hope you like it. All the details are on the Issue Two page. The code HOLIDAY is good for 20% off through December 31, 2013, and Issues One and Two are available as a bundle as well. It’s all right here.

I kind of want to throw confetti into the air, and I just might do that before turning my attention towards Christmas…