Notebooks in the Shop

I’ve added some new items to the shop, including some hand-colored and hand-stamped notebooks, like this one:

daisy moleskine notebook at

And this one:

tree moleskine notebook at

And a couple of others. I also added two new embroidered pouches:

I sewed both of these together this past weekend, and when I was completely finished–turning hole sewn closed by hand, pockets ironed–I regarded them with what can only be described as satisfaction. I am pleased by them, in that quiet way that comes of creating the thing that you envisioned. Sometimes I get that feeling from a piece of writing, too, the sense that it expressed exactly what I was trying to say. That’s a good feeling, a feeling worth slogging through the not-quite-right attempts in order to achieve.

Anyway, I suppose if I ever lose that feeling with these pouches, I’ll have to move onto making something else, because I hope the sense of care and satisfaction hangs around them like an aura, packaged and mailed right along with the pouch.

5 thoughts on “Notebooks in the Shop

  1. Dawn Suzette

    That is such a good feeling and it made me smile to read your writing about it, and sending it on with each pouch! So good!
    I am admiring the seed head on that beautiful Japanese cotton!

  2. Karen

    I love the idea of the new owner opening the mail and unzipping her new pouch for the first time and having this aura slide out and encompass her. She will smile and stand a little taller and not even know why. I just reorganized all my knitting supplies and decided the pouch you made me was the perfect vessel to hold all my darning needles and stitch markers.

  3. Olivia

    Oh yes, I know that feeling. And there’s no way to guarantee it, even when you make similar things over again – that makes it more valuable of curse.

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