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I’m joining up with Dawn again this week with perhaps my most unusual making + listening post yet…

Saturday afternoon I had the first of five watercolor classes at a local art association. The class is very, er, loose, in that the instructor seems most comfortable just sort of imparting information as it comes to her. So we were given a demonstration and then more or less set loose on a still life. There are some things I like about this painting, and lots I don’t like. That yellow pear, for instance, went all, well, pear-shaped on me. But maybe it really was that odd shape. I don’t know.

Also, turns out I should have gotten different, better paper, but the materials list wasn’t terribly specific about that. And my tape was the wrong color (yes, there’s a right color–I have it now). I just mention this because signing up for an art class can be really intimidating to some folks! This, I know. And I remember how overwhelming it was the first time I walked into an art supply store with a materials list in hand. But see–even people who have taken art classes before need specifics! Don’t feel intimidated. If you do end up with the wrong stuff, one, it’s not the end of the world, and two, (cough) instructors should be really specific on their materials list if they expect something in particular. Also, ask questions. Whatever you do, if you want to take the class, don’t let a lack of confidence stop you. Sign up for it anyway!

While we were painting, music was playing. This is pretty much the norm in most art studio classes…but there was no discussion about it; the instructor chose the music. The first disc was a live Frank Sinatra performance. Meh, he’s okay. Not my favorite. But one of the songs was a bit jaw-dropping. I had to Google to find out exactly what it was. Turns out it’s “Soliloquy,” and you can hear it here or just go read the lyrics here. I was pretty much “ohmygosh” through the entire song. And then when the Sinatra album was over she put on some 70s easy-listening stuff that was so bad I don’t even remember the one song I recognized at the time–I’ve blocked it out. It’s not exactly the type of music I typically create to! I’m curious to see if that’ll be the playlist every Saturday or if eventually we’ll hit on something I can stand listening to…

How about you? Any interesting or unexpected making/listening going on lately?!

5 thoughts on “Making + Listening

  1. Dawn Suzette

    That is great you are taking a class just for you.
    Wow! That song! Sorry about the music selection. I have never been much for Sinatra or 70’s easy-listening myself. 😉
    Oh, and I have seen pears shaped like that, especially yellow ones. You did an amazing job with the details around the stems. Depth and details like that are always difficult for me.
    Thanks for sharing this week!

  2. Sunny

    I think it looks great! As one of the folks intimidated by signing up for an art class, could you share what color tape and type of paper is preferred? That would never occur to me….

    And now I am going to listen to “Soliloquy”…you’ve piqued my curiosity!!!

    1. amy Post author

      Well, I brought along blue painter’s tape to tape down the paper, because masking tape tends to rip the paper (at least for me), but blue can cast a tinge onto the paper (never thought of that!), altering how you see the colors. So now I have rather pricey white artists’ tape, because I really can’t stand how masking tape rips. :/

      As for the paper, I used a simple pad of watercolor paper, rough grain–which *was* a choice. I bought a decent brand, not the cheapest but not the most expensive. However, what she *really* wanted us to have was the really nice paper you buy by the large sheet, cut down to size. Because the materials list didn’t say we’d only be doing one painting per class, I didn’t realize I could have bought far fewer sheets of much nicer paper. Specifics! They are helpful. 🙂

  3. Karen

    oh no ….that song! I start reading the lyrics…my jaw starts to drop…I start to groan…by the end, I’m laughing so hard in horror that I’m nearly crying. wtf?????

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