(Finally) Making + Listening (Too)

I hit the ground running when I got home from Montana…homeschooling, karate two nights per week plus Saturdays (for the boys), soccer practice and games (for the girl), launching a new venture, and I updated my Etsy shop, restocking pockets with trees, among other items. All of that meant I didn’t pick up my knitting (which came with me to and from Montana) again until last night.

This is a second Azami–you can see my first on Ravelry. It fits better now than it did when I modeled it for those pics, and I really like it. But I hated working with the called-for yarn, which was slippery and splitty, and I fear it won’t wear well. So I decided to make a second one using my favorite work-horse wool, Cascade 220.

This project will be competing for my attention, though, in the rare bits of free time I have lately. I have a stamp or two I want to carve, denim panels I want to embroider for a pouch, and more embroidery ideas in my head. However, when the air gets crisp, the knitting tends to win out.

As for listening, I think I listened to about three R.E.M. albums in a row while driving in the car this week. Today I landed on Florence & the Machine, which perfectly fit my mood. (Even the songs with possibly sad lyrics sound empowering to me, thanks to the music itself.) The day began with a heartwarming review of the Art Together zine by Jen (she’s got a giveaway going on, too). This afternoon I picked up my bib and race packet for another 5K, a big one (close to 5,000 runners) in downtown Providence on Sunday. Exciting! Good, good things.

I’m linking up with Dawn for the first time in a while. She also debuted something big this week–a wonderful nature site in partnership with Annie. Creativity abounds on these here Internets. And you? Any making going on? What’s been on your playlist?

4 thoughts on “(Finally) Making + Listening (Too)

  1. Dawn Suzette

    I love the color of that yarn, it is going to make a beautiful sweater.
    The chicken pouch in the shop is just too sweet. I think I missed that one before. (That hermit crab just jumped out at me. And she loves it and keeps her most prized little possessions in that little pouch!)
    I totally get the choosing which projects get the rare bits of free time.
    Thanks so much for joining in and giving a little shout out to the new blog. It has been so much fun to create!
    Yes, creativity abounds!

    1. amy Post author

      I’m so glad to hear she loves it! And the fun you two are having with the new site definitely shines through. 🙂

  2. karen

    cascade 220 is such a nice reliable yarn! I love the first version of your sweater but if you didn’t like knitting with slippery it’s good you switched. Love the color of the first one!!

    1. amy Post author

      I love the first one too, although the knitting of it was frustrating at times, I’m just afraid it won’t bear up to much wear. It’s a great summery color though!

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