Montana Bound

I’m leaving so early tomorrow morning that I should be in bed by now. (Seriously–I just set my cell phone alarm and it told me it would be going off in 5 hours, 28 minutes. What?!) I’ll be back in Rhode Island and this space again next week, with good things to share, I hope. I’ve been busy with my to-do list the last few days, not just packing (and unpacking, and repacking, because I’m taking three planes each way and do not want to have to check a bag) but also leaving assignments for my homeschooled kid and a master list of where which kid needs to be when.

But before any of that, I finished a project I’ve been working on, with the plan being to have it available to share with the world shortly after I get back. Then, I turned to my sewing stack, so I can add new items to the shop when I return as well.

The sewing pile.

I didn’t quite get to the end of it, but close.

I’m looking forward to September, y’all. Six days away, followed by lots of goodness to share, a birthday for me, teaching some classes, helping coach soccer again, another 5K…this is going to be a fun, exciting month.

Enjoy your week!

7 thoughts on “Montana Bound

  1. Karen

    thinking of you and hoping you are having a wonderful trip. just caught up on your last half-dozen posts and it sounds like lots of good stuff.

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