Another New Patch

I’m supposed to leave for Montana a week from tomorrow. I have no idea yet what I’m packing or even how I’ll get from the airport to the ranch. And I should leave some sort of homeschooling plan for the days I’ll be away, and I meant to sew more shop items before I left instead of when I got home, among other things I meant to do before August went and passed so quickly. So obviously I spent all of last night patching another frayed spot on my jeans–because I am bringing those, and it would be awful to have them rip while I’m away from all my patching supplies.

This frayed spot is on the thigh and required a long, skinny patch. As so:

I didn’t have any pink on these jeans before this patch. But I needed to add a little black, too. This sort of embroidery/sewing is very relaxing, because it doesn’t at all need to be perfect. It’s a patch on a pair of jeans. I’m not thinking, Oh, my stitches must be perfectly even! I’m thinking, Hey, let’s cover up that frayed spot with something a little fun and funky.

This is what the jeans look like in full now. They began with the snippet of poetry running down the leg.

My 9yo said, “Those jeans are almost a work of art!” I think so too. They will be all patch at some point, and I love wearing them. So. At least I know one thing I’ll be bringing to Montana….

3 thoughts on “Another New Patch

  1. donna lee

    You know how I feel about embellished jeans! But now that they’ve told us no more denim at work, my lovely embroidered pants will not get the exposure they deserve.

    Have a good time in Montana. Remember to open your lungs and breathe and open your heart and BE.

  2. Cameron

    Montana is gorgeous! Have a great trip!

    Oooooo, I love how those patches look! I think I have a pair that is wearing thin…though putting patches in the crotch might look a little funny….haha!

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