A Finished Baby Set

Well. This is pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself. I had yarn left over when I finished the sweater (pattern: Assisted Hatching) so of course I wanted to knit a hat. I chose Ashen, because of the seed stitch border. I adore the little wooden buttons. I love the autumn colors. The yarn is soft and smooshy and washable. The mama is one of the teachers at my son’s school. One way or the other, everybody there will have gotten something knitted or sewn by me by the time he’s done there. (Three more years! Three more years and he’ll be entering high school! Gah.)

The Before-School-Starts-Thingy is next week, so I can give it to her in person. I like doing that best.

And speaking of which, my next post will be about homeschooling plans, because despite my overall lack of desire to plan a darn thing lately, we’re two-thirds through August. So.

6 thoughts on “A Finished Baby Set

  1. donna lee

    Adorable! I am making a sweater in the same colors for a coworker’s baby-to-be. I am hoping for enough left over for socks or a hat. Now that the wedding dress is done (again) I can go back to working on the sweater.

    And I think eggplants and tomatoes are my favorite vegetables colorwise. (I’m with the kids, I don’t like eggplant). That deep purple color makes me pick them up each time we go shopping.

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