Drawing Eggplant

Last week at the supermarket I was agog at the colors of the eggplant. It was a tough choice between bringing home fairy eggplant or Japanese, but the kids were unanimous on Japanese, so that’s what I bought. I posed them for a portrait:

Aren’t the colors gorgeous? I wanted to draw them and paint them, and I will let the kids have a chance, too, but Monday afternoon, I stole some quiet creative time to myself with the eggplant out on the deck. After I photographed them, I sketched them with pencil.

Then I tried an Inktense pencil and water brush, followed by watercolor pencils. I was both playing with materials (I am slowly getting better with watercolor pencils) and getting to know the eggplant. The more you draw something, you know…the better you see it. Here’s one of the watercolor pencil drawings.

In this final photograph, the Inktense sketch is on the top left, and another watercolor pencil sketch–possibly my favorite–is on the bottom right.

I’m sure we’ll eat these eventually–or I will, anyway, since my kids aren’t too fond of eggplant. But either way, they had to come home with us. When one finds inspiration in the supermarket, of all places, one must act.

What vegetable would you like to draw, photograph, or paint?

4 thoughts on “Drawing Eggplant

  1. Michelle

    Yes, that was definitely a necessary purchase. 🙂
    I think I like that last watercolor pencil on best too. It’s so pretty! Those colors . . .

  2. Bells

    one of the first ‘different’ vegetables (ie ones that were not actually eaten in my family) that fascinated me was eggplant. I used to pick up the big, dark purple ones in the grocer and just wonder what on earth they were. To this day I find it hard to pass a perfect, shiny eggplant, of any variety, and not pick one up and take it home with me.

    Yours are delightful. I can see why you needed to do it.

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