Making + Listening: Knitting

I’ve spent much of my making time this week knitting this. It’s not too complicated and the yarn is luscious–Tosh Vintage–and I’ve craved that combination of comfortable knitting and lovely yarn this week. The pattern is Assisted Hatching, and that opening at the neck will be closed with two buttons, eventually. The sweater is for a baby due in October, whose sex is unknown. I thought a sweater in autumn colors would be just right.

I knit a goodly bit of the body while waiting in a backed-up doctor’s office at the end of the day (I had been fitted in). I was glad I’d brought my knitting and I could just go round-and-round without having to think about a pattern.

Moving on to the listening…since I’m on my own this week, I started Season 5 of Merlin, and did some knitting while watching/listening to that. I haven’t been listening to anything new…these guys, and this band, of course, and going a bit old-school with him.

What are you making this week? Listening to anything good?

Joining up with Dawn, who’s having a give-away this week, so head on over there if you haven’t already!

8 thoughts on “Making + Listening: Knitting

  1. Dawn Suzette

    Perfect for an autumn baby!
    And that is some good listening. Have not ventured into the Merlin territory but hear lots of talk about it.
    Thanks for joining in this week!

  2. carolyn

    Beautiful sweater, no matter what the sex is, it’s perfect! Love Imagine Dragons, Grace got me into them. Also love Fun. But Tom Petty is more the soundtrack of my life…the music of high school and college and early marriage. I’ve been watching Season 3 of Mad Men and doing applique when I have time.

  3. RoseRed

    Catching up on a bunch of posts (I am still so very behind!). Congratulations on the Etsy store, hope it is doing really well! And congratulations on the running and doing the 5k and beating your goal, that is great.

    This is a really cute little jumper, might have to add it to my (ever-expanding) queue!

  4. Cameron

    That yarn is gorgeous! Such a wonderful way to celebrate a new life…..the gift of tender loving care in the form of a wearable hug 🙂

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